Mother of Peace Zimbabwe Annual Bay Area Fundraiser

MOPThe MOP Consortium cordially invites you to schedule a date with Minister Roni Jordan at your church, home, school or organization as she returns to California to share first hand all the updates at Mother of Peace in Mutoko, Zimbabwe. Roni is one of the Co-Chairs of the Consortium where she has served since its inception. She is a member of City of Refuge UCC, Oakland, CA. She is also a graduate from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA.
Roni has been at MOP since May and is serving as the General Manager. The orphanage is located 146 km northeast of the capital, Harare. The effects of HIV and AIDS pandemic have left hundreds of children with no family. Every year we have hosted Mama Jean, Mama Stella or Julie Jean as they have come to share the stories, struggles and successes from the previous year.
Mama Jean and Mama Stella have been very ill this year and Mama Jean has asked Roni to come speak on her behalf. MOP needs the continued support from the Bay Area to impact in the lives of the children affected and infected by HIV. Roni has a lot she wants to share about the children, school, the livestock, the farm, the clinic, sponsorship, mentoring and the future of Mother of Peace.
This year’s fundraiser for MOP is later than normal but is still crucial to the care of this community. Roni will be available from January 9 until February 8, 2015. To book your event please contact Janet Hall at 510-569-2622 or email her at

“I can’t wait to see you all and to thank you each personally for your work, prayers, love and support for MOP” says Minister Roni Jordan.

Continuing the work and blessings in Zimbabwe in 2015

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