Mother of Peace Orphanage Sponsorship 2014-2015

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At MOP we care for more than 100 abandoned and orphaned children who have been infected or affected by the AIDS pandemic here in Zimbabwe. Mother of Peace has been a home to children for over 20 years. These children are now survivors and they have goals and dreams. This next year you can help impact the life of a child. For as little as $1.00 a day you can help us feed a child for 365 days. You can help with school fee, uniform and school supplies.

Primary School                 $180.00per year
Secondary School            $ 405.00 per year
Vocational School             $ 900.00 per year
College Matching Fund     any amount

Visit our website to support the children. 100% of all donations go directly to MOP and are tax deductible.

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Email me directly if you have questions on how else you can assist at MOP.
Min. Roni Jordan

Thank you.

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