A letter from Rev. Tony Manriquez

Greetings Friends, Brothers and Sisters in the Faith:

Our prayer for you is that your plans for such a blessed event go as planned, and that God will be sharing with you and your loved ones.

We will hold you up in prayer, regardless whether we celebrate or not, any time we have something to eat, we thank God and celebrate His name. The truth is we are facing a very poor table this holiday time, our last communication brought some donations from our very faithful followers, but our needs are overwhelming with so many residents to feed and more children coming into our orphanage. If you have never supported us, this is the time we really need you. www.cortijuana.org  Please find the donation button and support us; not our ministry, not me, not our church, but the people who desperately need you.

Blessings to all of you, and please, take the time to see our videos you will find at the bottom of this page, like and share, we pray they will be a blessing to you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL,



Rev. Tony Manriquez, Pastor

California #  (619) 365-4766

Interview with Tony Manriquez (In English)

View on www.youtube.com

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